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by Dream Alone

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Dedicated to a close friend.
Rest in peace.

Artwork by Daniel Tait.


released April 22, 2017

Written, recorded and mixed by Daniel Tait.



all rights reserved


Dream Alone Melbourne, Australia


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Track Name: Runaways Pt. I
Someday, you and I
Will find some more time
to be ourselves once more

Before the dread roars back
For knowing who we are

The money we don't have
The strength that we all lack
The sky has turned pitch black

We'll fight our way back
To those who love us back

Who make it alright
Who get us out of our shells

And though it might be cold
We'll just push on ahead
We're living with the dead

They'll know who we are
But we know that it's them

They're not really there
They can't hurt us again

These dreams are what I have
To see you again

We're always in the cold
Saying goodbye again

Someday I'll wake up
And realize that you're gone

You're never coming back
I'll need to deal with that

And all the disconnects
From fair weather friends

Who haven't got the bends
When will this end?

I'll fight my way forward
Through the drenching rain
Bring on the pain

And when I am above
I'll let you all know

Just how I'll go
with the rest of it

I need your help right now
More than before

When we both got kicked out
From our homes

But those days are done
And I hope there is a time

Where I can say to you
Hello again
Track Name: Remain
Send it all to the back
It's time to pay my dues for still being here

It's time to move away
Nothing can remain
I cannot stay

When I needed a hand up
I got what I needed least
Impatience and sadness

Leave my baggage behind
A midnight staged goodbye
Bus window farewell

I dragged my feet on the ice
To see if it would crack and make me feel alive

And when i finally fell through
That's when I knew
Who I am

When I dreamt of you
I could clearly see that's not who I am anymore

I hope you're doing well
Better than before
Better than before
Track Name: Tonight's the Night
Go out to the street
To find nothing going on

When you're the only left
And it's nearly midnight

Take a little old drive
Onto the highway

You know what to do
Live like it's your last night

Tonight's the night
Tonight's the night
Tonight's the night
Tonight is nigh

Get your sneakers on
We're going for a drive

I dunno where
We'll find it when we get there

Tonight's the night
Tonight's the night
Tonight's the night
Tonight is nigh

We're older now
But the fire still burns

And no matter what you say
We'll always be that way

Tonight's the night
Tonight's the night
Tonight's the night
Tonight is nigh

Tonight's the night
Tonight's the night
Tonight's the night
Tonight's the night
Track Name: Move On
You are the scarred apple of my eye
And I'm sick and tired of being let go

By everything around me
There's nowhere I can stand

When I think of you now
I wish I asked how soon is now?

You are no longer there
I don't mind that much anymore

I need to move on and do what I want
You were there once but now those days are done
Track Name: Runaways Pt. II
Where have you been?
It's alright we know
You were caught on the steel breeze

We don't know why
Or even when
You took off as fast as you could

Can't you see?
My pain is real
Or can you no longer feel?

Every day is an uphill battle
Why can't you stop and rest?

I miss you more than I could have known
That's why I have to let go

This is not just sadness
This is not my end
I need to find the blend

This is goodbye my friend
I need to find myself again

Wish we had more time but that's what we've got
I won't forget you

Years of being stuck in ice
You tried to help me get out
But all I wanted was to drown and never bother anyone

I never realized
Until you gave up on me
That it was my job to help everyone including myself

Because we're all the same
We're runaways
We've felt the pain I had inside for years and years

For years and years